what's the story of the now?

we created the now for you -

as a stylish celebration, recognition, and reminder


as a celebration of you and of your choices

you've chosen to live in this moment with awareness and appreciation.

you've chosen to live in happiness and so every day brings abundant reasons to celebrate.


as a recognition of your daily efforts

nobody said that living in the now was easy; it takes effort.

this is your badge of honor, wear it for all to see that each and every day, you deserve your smile.


and most importantly, as a reminder

each time that you glance down and see this message, you're reminded that in this moment - the now - you are powerful.

and that through your choices, you define your life.

In the now, everything is simple;
there is no success or failure, only infinite possibility.
live in this moment.
and let go of whatever holds you back.